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This original album blends comedy and music with a signature touch of cool quirkiness.


The music in this album is a fusion between

  • comedy, whether poking fun at the Beach Boys with “Lake Michigan Surfer Girl” or the understated irreverent comedy of “Girls and Cars”

  • jazz, with the chord structure and American songbook standard feel of “Starlight”, to the moody instrumental of “Saturday Night Blues”

  • folk/country, with “Fire Song” meant to bring warmth and coziness through a sing-a-long feel

  • chill instrumentals, with the cool quiet calm of “June Idea”, the wistful “Rhapsody in the Fantasy Room” or the funky “Tromboning”. There is a song for everyone!


Though we are mainly guitar players, throughout the album you can hear 16 instruments total, including piano, trombone, glockenspiel, melodica, saxophone.


This original album was recorded with Chicago songwriting legend Steve Dawson at his Kernel Studios.

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