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streaming on AUDIUS

This second original album is a pared down comedy compilation with a live feel, including hilarious outtakes.


The types of humoristic songs featured in this album are

  • irreverent and personal with “Athletes of Emotion” or “Joshua Masters French Culture: Culinary Travels of an An Intrepid Global Citizen” toying with Mick’s French roots.

  • play on hackneyed tropes, whether playing around with sitcom writing with “‘Two Cups of Joe’ - Theme from a Stereotypical Cop Show” or typical love is all phase of classic rock bands with “1+1=1”

  • absurd, like the surprising “Cat Solo” or the Randy Newman parody.


Most importantly, we decided to keep the outtakes to live up to the (aptly) named Sophomore Slump and create a live feel while pulling back the curtain of the recording process.


As opposed to the first album, this one simply has two acoustic guitars and vocals recorded live once more with Steve Dawson at Kernel Studios.