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                        About Us

We are Mick and Joshua, fka Pinky Swear, a music and comedy duo from Chicago.


We met in 2014 in improv classes in Chicago and decided to study guitar together at the Old Town School of Folk Music where we met our guitar teacher and future producer Steve Dawson.

More established in the comedy world, we have played music as Pinky Swear at comedy venues. Pinky Swear had a 4-week tenure at a Second City theater, hosted and produced The Experiment: Sketch, a 3-month show at the iO Theater, and had runs at the Annoyance Theater mainstage, the Playground Theater and at the Shith*le, amongst others. Additionally, we’ve participated in comedy festivals such as SnubFest, the Beat Weekend, and the UTG Improv Classic. 

We decided to change our duo name after 4 years of playing together in order to avoid confusion with other musical artists already publishing under the name Pinky Swear--now the world has The Artists Formerly Known as Pinky Swear (for Legal Reasons).

When not busy with fka Pinky Swear, Mick has a comedic solo show called “Me Talking, Mostly” which he performed at the Second City Theater and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and plays in a jazz manouche ensemble, Better Than Cartoons (true to his Parisian origins). Meanwhile, Joshua is on the board at CIC Theater and is an active member of the Chicago community improvising with Gallon, coaching Great Lake Activities Center, and creating and producing The Experiment.


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